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Health Update from Your School Nurses:

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Immunization requirements for 2019-2020 School Year:

All students must show proof of immunizations before attending school. Failure to meet Colorado Immunization Law within 14 days can result in exclusion (suspension) from school until there is compliance with the law. New Colorado Law: Medical and Personal exemption forms must be signed every year by the parent or guardian. We have form copies in the health clinic.

  • K-5th grade: DTap (5 doses) Polio (4 doses) MMR and Varicella (2 doses each) Hepatitis B (3 doses)

  • 6-12th grade: Dtap (4 doses), 1 Tdap (The State requires that students entering the 6th grade receive a Dtap booster immunization.) Polio (3) MMR (2) Hepatitis B (3) Varicella (2)

Please send or have the physician office fax (303-326-1227) an updated immunization record to the school nurse.

Nurse contact information is: 303-366-0579 or 303-326-2000 ext 22704 or email at Please do not hesitate to contact us for any medical or health concerns.

Thank you for helping us keep Murphy Creek students and staff healthy.

Marlo Bender, RN