Positive Behavior Intervention Support


Positive Behavior intervention Support is a school-wide system of looking at student behavior.  It is a proactive, research based approach designed to reward positive behavior in an immediate fashion.  When paired with effective instructional strategies, PBiS sets the stage for student success and positive behavior achievements.


Join In:  Join in as as team member.

Excel:  Challenge yourself to do more.

Thoughtful Actions:  Think before you act.

Self Respect:  Make positive choices for yourself.


Murphy Creek P-8 JETS Tickets Descriptions

Yellow JETS Tickets

Yellow JETS tickers are given by classroom and specialist teachers to students who demonstrate JETS behaviors in the classroom. Positive recognitions by classroom teachers and specialists will vary, but may include pencils, books, extra PE time, sitting in the teachers’ chair, or whole class incentives such as popcorn, ice cream, snow cones, cotton candy, or karaoke celebrations. Encourage parents to donate if possible. PBIS will help fund this area as much as we can during the school year!

Green JETS Tickets

Green JETS tickets are given to students who show JETS behavior in ALL areas of the building, including hallways, playground, cafeteria, etc. Students who receive a green JETS ticket will place it in their grade level’s drawer at the front of the school. Green tickets will be drawn through out the year.

Flight Crew: On the last Friday of every month, the PBIS committee will randomly draw 18 student’s tickets. Those students will join our “Flight Crew” and wear our special Flight Crew T-shirts for the day! Flight crew also receives a special water bottle, snack, and a parent JETS post card will be mailed home.

Friday Green Tickets: Each Friday morning, one green ticket from each grade level will be randomly drawn. These names will be introduced during the morning announcements, and students will come down to the office to receive a special prize for their positive JETS behavior in school.

Green tickets will also be rewarded in a variety of ways throughout the school year, which include assembly participants, Wii time, game days, and other fun activities!

Blue JETS Tickets

Two blue tickets will go home every month so parents can also reward positive JETS behavior at home. When your child(ren) earns a blue ticket at home, they should return them to school and their homeroom teacher. A quarterly drawing will be done and students chosen will receive a reward and recognition for their JETS behavior at home. Blue tickets will go home in the Friday folders.

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